NEW!! Perimeter with Insect Guard Products

NEW!!  Perimeter with Insect Guard Products

New in 2017 Perimeter with Insect Guard!  This patented technology infuses the fibers of the garment with the same military grade insect repellent not previously offered to the average joe.  Keep your employees safe from Zika Virus and Lyme disease by keeping mosquitoes and ticks off them. All shirts are able to be screen printed or embroidered.

Watch the video below to learn more!


PERIMETER ETO INSECT GUARD provides the user maximum bite protection through a highly‐effective insecticide  called  Etofenprox.  Textile  fibers  are  treated  with  Etofenprox,  providing  the  most  effective  protection  available.  PERIMETER ETO INSECT GUARD garments provide safety from bites at a consistent protection rate of 90% or higher and the reliability lasts for up to 75 washes.   PERIMETER ETO INSECT GUARD can be used to treat uniforms for pregnant service members, whereas current  Permethrin insecticides are not used in maternity uniforms because of safety concerns.  Etofenprox insecticide is registered in more than 50 countries for both agricultural and public health use. Textiles treated with PERIMETER  ETO INSECT GUARD will provide the most effective protection available against insect‐borne illnesses with  unparalleled safety and with the lowest environmental impact.